TPSG is Certified India Partner of Predictive Index - US (Behavioral and Cognitive system) and MHS - Canada (EQ Assessments: EQi2 and EQ 360)

At TPSG, understand the unique requirements of businesses in India through our +30 yrs of experience with Indian organizations. Combining this with the power of scientific psychometric systems such as Predictive Index and Emotional Intelligence, we help the leadership team in aligning business strategy with people strategy to achieve the business goals. Through our network across India we provide exemplary service to our clients. We are known for our deep consulting support and world-class training provided by us for Business Leaders, CXOs and HR Professionals. Till date more than thousand mid to senior level executives in India have undergone our training programs. We specialize in building high productive teams using behavioral science. We are based out of Gurgaon / Delhi / NCR and have reach across India through our partner network. We serve clients across Indian cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Ahmedabad.

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Maximize your organization’s productivity by understanding how your people think and work

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The ability to identify and manage one's own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.

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Unlock the full potential of your workforce

What is Predictive Index?

PI is a cloud-based a system that helps you to decode and understand the competencies of an individual and match them with the requirements of the job to predict their performance.

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TPSG Cognitive Assessment Tool


It is a 12 minute assessment to understand the learning agility of an individual and match it with the requirement of the job role to have ace performance.

TPSG Behavioral Assessment Tool


It is a 6- 8 min assessment that helps to determine the core behaviors and working styles of a person so as to predict the performance in a particular role.

TPSG Job Assessment Tool


It is a specially designed tool for organizations to define the ideal behavioral competencies and learning agility required for a job role.


Why do we need to use the Predictive Index system?

Learn how PI methodology helps as a pre-employment tool. It is not that you have to hire the best guy out there, but we need to hire the guys that best fit the job role. PI helps HR and management to segrate innate talents required for the job from the experience, education and skills.

What is Emotional

Emotional Intelligence (also known as Emotional Quotient-EQ) is the ability to understand one's own emotions and those of others in order to channelize them in a constructive way for happier work life. Through our advanced assessments such as EQ-i2.0 and EQ 360, one can objectively understand the emotional and social competencies of an individual.

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5 key aspects of Emotional Intelligence covered in our report are

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Can high performance teams be built using Behavioral & Cognitive science

Why companies ends up having toxic teams and loose money.

Why they are not able to break this loop inspite of best intentions.

How behavioral science / psychometric tests help management get out of the rut.



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